The security arena has always been dominated by men. Despite how advanced society has become, some people are still living their lives in pigeonholes. Modern times have updated culture. Nowadays, no sector is being labeled by men only. Currently, there is no field in the world where women are not standing beside men. Both genders are competing and completing each other to achieve a peaceful and safe world. When talking about the San Diego security guards department, women are showing their skills in this as well. 

Scope Of Women In San Diego Security

It will be a lie if we say there is no scope for women in San Diego security. However, if we say women are equally considered, as men in San Diego security, it will sound fair. 

A little back in 2010, the interest of women in security was lower. Why? The number of security industries guiding and educating women towards this field was non-existing. The United Nations-UN also took some serious steps for the participation of women. 

On October 29-30, 2010, a conference: The Role of Women in Global Security was held. US ambassadors, the chief of the United Nations, and different personalities from different nations joined the conference and shared their opinions.

The summary of the conference was to hold such events that compel women to show their efforts and make the world a better and more peaceful place for future generations. 

Results of the Conference? 

The results are pretty obvious. Every year, thousands of women join the security field as San Diego security guardsBut, in order to become a security guard, do women have to meet certain requirements? Yes, they have to.

How to Become a Female Security Guard

Like men, women also have to pass several tests and processes to become San Diego security guardsThe rules keep updating each time. However, the basic criterion is as below:


First, your age should be at least 18 years old. Your criminal background should be clear by the state, and you are eligible to work as a security guard. Lastly, you should be flexible to pass the drug screening test. If these points are clear, then you can step forward.

Education Needed to be a San Diego Security Guards

By hearing the word education, don’t panic that you have to pass many tests and get several certificates to get the position. The minimum education level you should hold is graduation.

At graduation level, you are eligible for a security guard position. For higher ranks like an officer, you may need a postgraduate or master’s degree.

Training For San Diego Security Guards

Let us move the conversation to the professional side. Your training for San Diego security guards starts with self-defense. This training will take around 2-3 months. After that, you have to complete guard training. In this training, you will learn the inside-out of the profession.

The last training you need to have is firearm training. One thing to keep in mind: if you want to work as an armed security guard, this training is essential. However, if you are considering the unarmed guard, then you may not need this training. 

License For San Diego Security Guards

The last element to have is a license. After passing all the stages, you will earn your license as a security guard. license is the state’s allowance that this person is qualified to work as a security guard. For a license, submit all your documents, including training certificates. The process will take a month, then pass an interview to earn the license.

So that was the confab on how to become a woman security guard. Will those who hire women as San Diego security guards, on the other hand, benefit?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Women as San Diego Security Guards?

The following are the benefits you will earn by hiring women as security in San Diego.


We have to appreciate the level of communication women have. Women never blabber whatever comes to their mind. Instead, they keep their personalities professional and only say those things that match the situation.

Their high-level communication skills help in giving a positive image to your customer. Besides that, female security guards are also versatile in guiding. 

Women as San Diego Security Guards Handles Conflicts Calmly

During arguments or even investigations, male security guards are pretty aggressive. They bring out their guns on simple things. Reversing this, women handle conflict without creating scenes or mess.

After understanding what the opposite person has to say from his side and his ideas, they conclude. The calming nature of San Diego security guards prevents things from getting worse. 

Flexibility to reach places where men can’t!

This point will make you go, “Man! I need to hire female security guards ASAP! Suppose the person the guards are searching for hides in the restroom or dressing room. Do you think the male guards are allowed to go in? Of course, not! That is where female security guards show their flexibility.

Their presence helps the male security guards to keep the performance on track without bothering about the surroundings.


Here is the last crucial reason for hiring female security guards. Nature has gifted women the emotion of empathy. Either it is about relatives or strangers, they show their sympathy to all.

In those situations, when someone is alleged to be a defaulter, female security guards listen to their story and do their best to protect him as they believe he is innocent. It saves innocents from getting suspected punishments. 

At the end of the discussion, both genders are necessary for every field. Men alone can not handle any department. The same goes for women. With this comprehension, we hope you are clear with all your doubts.

Follow the process mentioned to join the security department as a female. Alternatively, if you are hiring San Diego security guards, make sure that you are also hiring females to increase your security level.

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