Why are Parking Lot Security Guards Important?

Security Guards for parking lots are essential to make sure the parking lots are secure without any unexpected events or crimes. The rate of crimes in parking lots is the highest in all the states. For that reason, parking lot security is available in shopping centers, apartments, workplaces, educational institutes and all the other places which have parking lots. Parking lot security guards receive intense training and are provided the tools and equipment to ensure crimes are kept to a minimum.   

Tips For Improving Parking Lot Security 

To improve the security services in parking lots, there are many ways to make sure along with parking lot security guards, some add-ons can further secure your parking lot. Here are some of the ways your parking lot security can be improved.

Surveillance Systems 

  • The CCTV camera and the sensors as well as the new technology in surveillance can help the parking lot security guards to monitor, supervise and take action if there is any event that needs to be handled or taken care of. This mobile supervision will ensure parking lots are safe from all criminal acts and other offences. Not only can they provide analytics and data for the day-time, they can be used to record the off-business hours as well. In any instance, if the crime occurs during these inactive hours, they can be recorded on the surveillance systems and can provide the parking lot security guards all the parameters of the location. These recordings and data can be later used for investigation or aiding the local authorities in solving crimes. 

Monitor Access

  • Using armed security guards for parking lots to monitor and patrol is an effective way to make sure all the corners and the main areas of the parking lot are being supervised and no unexpected event is witnessed. One of the best ways of doing this is by installing blind mirrors spots around the parking facility. Having blind mirrors at strategic places throughout the parking lot would ensure quick supervision from a distance without the need of going at the corner unless necessary.
  • Such additions can be further improved by adding security pass-through gates, guarded entries and exits, and even using segways to cover the premises of the parking lot, a lot of small additions in technology and security can make safety hazards to a minimum.

Facility Maintenance

  • Keeping your property clean and tending to damages to the property on time sends a strong message to the criminals, showing them the parking lots are being well-kept and regulated. This saves the parking lot from getting intruders and unknown visitors as they are aware of the parking lot staff monitoring the area regularly. This leads to many small crimes from being committed, and provides enough security measures for the bigger accidents as well. 


  • A facility that is often unkept and dark has a lot of risk since it is easier to commit criminal activities in the dim areas or areas that come in the blind spots. Lighting helps significantly in tackling this issue. Without proper lighting, the CCTVs or even the night vision technologies serve no purpose. They may capture the activity but the facial recognition barriers would hinder the process of catching the criminals. Having the most lighting possible in parking lots can provide the security cameras enough angles and distance to capture. Therefore, the parking lot security guards would find it easier to monitor the entire parking lot without the regular need of patrolling the area. They can even scrutinize the corners and the blind spots from their cameras and other surveillance systems.


  • Fencing can help eliminate potential hiding places for intruders and anyone with malicious intent. This prevents the perpetrators from having access to the facility throughout the operation and the off-business hours. Some facilities need high fences, especially if they are located in areas where crimes are high while in other areas, getting adequate heighted fences can help keep all sorts of external threats to a minimum. Parking lot security guards can patrol these fences to ensure there are no attempts being made to enter the premises.

Staff Training

  • If the employees use the parking lots often, they need to be knowledgeable about what to do in case of an emergency. Training your employees by the help of your parking lot security guards about the basic protocols and safety tips can be very useful in making them ambassadors of security and helping the crime rate remain below the radar. Shoppers would also feel at peace knowing that their staff is trained and can help them out if the need arises. Similar training sessions can also be carried out for the residential parking lots as well where the staff can be provided the alert signals and the ways to call for backups if there is an incident or an activity needing the attention of parking lot security guards.

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