Services Offered by Security Guards

Which Type of Services Do Security Guards Offer?

The job of security professionals is to guard an establishment, property, individual, or group of people. Security guards are armed to ensure no criminal activity takes place on the premises where they are in charge. 

Security officers are trained to tackle a variety of situations. In addition, they are experienced in offering a variety of services. Employers can choose the security service they require by contacting a security company. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the services offered by a security guard. But before that, we need to learn about the types of a security guard. So without further ado, let’s get into the details. 

Types of Security Guards: 

Security guard can be divided into two types including:

Proprietary Guard

An in-house security guard is also referred to as a proprietary guard. A proprietary guard is the one that the employer has directly hired. It can be someone he knows or has met now. 

A security company is not involved in the process. The benefit of hiring a proprietary guard is that you don’t have to pay him a high salary. However, since they don’t work under a Security services company, they are not as trained and experienced as their counterparts. 

Contract Guard

A contract guard is a security guard who has been hired through a security service company. Companies usually hire a team of security guards from a single security guard agency. Security companies make the search for a security guard a lot easier. They take care of all the security-related hiring. 

They search for highly qualified individuals and train them to provide high-end security services to establishments or individuals. Since contract guards are highly trained, the employer can rest assured that his security needs are well-catered. 

The salary of a contract guard is fixed and is decided at the time of hiring. 

Services Provided by Security Guards

Security guards are trained to offer various security services to the organization, individual, or the property they have been hired to guard. Some of these services include:


Security guards are required to keep an eye on who enters and leaves the building. They screen everyone who enters and exit the building. This way they prevent trespassing and related security issues. 

Personal and Property Security

Security guards are hired for personal and property protection. They have the lawful authority to arrest trespassers under citizen arrest. 

This service also includes executive protection services. Uniformed armed guards often provide such services. In case of an extreme security threat, plainclothes are also worn. 

Emergency Management Services

Security guards are trained to manage emergencies. They are hired to take the right action at the right time to prevent loss of life or a valuable asset. Emergency rescue is also a part of their emergency management services. 

Event Security Services

Event security guards are hired to guard individuals and property during an event, function, trade show, and convention. 

Hotel Security Services

The responsibility of the hotel security guard is to make lobbies, parking lots, and other areas safe for the occupants. This helps them prevent any untoward situation, theft of personal belonging, and vehicles of the occupants.  Every individual and establishment has its own security needs. Security guards are trained to customize their services to the needs of the individual or the company that has hired them. While hiring a security professional, make sure he is trained to offer the services you require.

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