What type of equipment do unarmed security guards need

What type of equipment do unarmed security guards need?

Where the work of armed guards ends, an unarmed security guard begins. They are essential to the safety of various premises, including offices, residential buildings, educational institutions, and many more. They maintain a peaceful environment, deter crime, and help to handle emergencies if they occur. They are as essential as armed security guards as they are responsible for handling many situations without arms.

However, there are some essentials that they also need to perform tasks. Let us discuss and learn the tools these unarmed security guards require to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Equipment required by unarmed security guards

The responsibilities of an unarmed security guard vary from action to reaction duties. Therefore, a high demand for supplies is also required to perform these tasks. Some of the equipment that they require are:

  1. Uniform

The first item that comes to mind when we think of a security guard. It is essential to have a uniform that indicates the security guard’s authority and gives them a professional appearance. It also helps to identify the guard quickly in case of an emergency. Moreover, the uniform is formed so there is no discrimination based on social or financial position.

Therefore, when assistance is required, an unarmed security guard is, without a doubt, the first choice. And so, they need a proper uniform for the job.

  • Communication device

A communication device such as a walkie-talkie or a mobile phone is a must-have for unarmed security guards. It enables them to stay connected with their supervisors and fellow guards, making reporting any incidents or emergencies easy. It helps them to respond quickly and coordinate with the authorities in case of an unfortunate event.

These communication devices become more crucial when the security guard has no weapon to defend themselves so they can call for help immediately. Therefore, unarmed security guards need a communicative device.

  • Bullet Proof Vest

Without any weapon, a security guard is constantly at the mercy of the criminal. They can be shot at any time, and they will have nothing to take care of if they do not wear a bulletproof vest. A bulletproof jacket or even a heated vest can keep them safe in situations of cross-firing or any such dangerous situation.

Thus, unarmed security guards are at more risk and need a vest for their safety.

  • Flashlight

A flashlight is useful for an unarmed security guard working in areas with inadequate lighting. It helps navigate the premises and identify potential hazards or safety risks. They are particularly used when going into basements or attics. If a guard is working at a supermarket or superstore, then it is common for them to check the basement or the attic.

In companies also, security guards need a flashlight. If there is an electricity concern, a flashlight always comes in handy.

  • First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is essential for unarmed security guards in medical emergencies. If someone gets injured, the security guard can provide immediate aid before medical help arrives. It is extremely crucial to attend to medical situations on time. That is because if anything serious happens to someone while they are on your premises, you become responsible for it.

So, your reputation comes at stake in such a situation. Therefore, unarmed security guards need a First-aid kit.


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