Shopping Center Security Guards – 5 Essential Security Tips to Increase Safety in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are the favorites for many people who plan to shop for everything from one single location. With the entertainment, brands, and food courts, shopping malls are mostly overcrowded with customers. But with all the benefits, there comes a cost: Safety. 

Yes, safety in such malls is the biggest concern for the mall management and the customers. To keep the customers safe from any unpredictable situation, the mall security needs to be efficient by identifying suspicious behaviors, solving disputes before they convert into violence, and keeping the overall environment of the shopping mall safe. 

Doing all these things would help provide the customers with amazing customer service and managing the crime situations effectively. In order to have these green check marks, the shopping malls need to carry out these five essential tips to maintain safety in the shopping malls.  

  1. Situational Awareness and Security Training

Just like fire drills, situational training for the shopping center security guards is essential to make sure they are well-trained to handle all the incidents that may arise during the shopping hours. These training sessions need to be done regularly to make sure the security guards are up-to-date and well ahead of their game. 

The other employees serving alongside these security guards should also be trained to aid the shopping center security services team in tackling crime together. Besides that, putting security guards at the entrances is a good move to make sure there are no inconvenient situations from the entry or the exit of the shopping mall. 

This must be adopted during the holidays or seasonal sales due to the heavy traffic at the shopping malls. 

  1. Security Equipment and Procedures:

For smooth operations, the shopping center security guards should be well-equipped with all the necessary equipment and gear, and all the procedures should be planned and implemented.

2This would need advance planning and situational training sessions for an effective process. Radios, walkie-talkies, sensors, metal detectors, and all the other tools should be readily available to the security guards for maximum safety of the shopping center. 

  1. Patrolling 

As with any security standard, patrolling is found common in all business settings. Therefore, in shopping centers and malls, patrolling should be considered as well. Allotting a set of security guards around the shopping center would help keep crimes to a minimum.

Sometimes, there are muggings and criminal activities around the malls, so adding some additional patrol security services around the mall would make sure your premises, customers, and employees are safe. 

If your shopping malls operate for longer hours, there may be times when your employees are standing outside near the malls and need that extra protection. Having patrols guarding the areas around the mall would make your employee’s entry and exit safe and secure. They are also great customer service representatives for the shopping mall and can help with the directions or information that shoppers may need to know. 

  1. Paying Special Attention to High-Risk Areas:

High-risk areas such as food courts or playing areas for kids and any other areas where there are a lot of people gathered at the same time need more attention than usual. In such cases,  it is the responsibility of the shopping center security guards to prevent any kind of damage, theft, or any act of violence which can occur without notice.

This close patrolling inside the shopping mall would help keep an eye on the behaviors of the shoppers. 

  1. Safety Procedures Around the Mall:

Before starting or closing the shopping centers, the mall security guards should patrol all the areas and make sure there are no trapped visitors or criminals in most cases. Doing this would help reduce emergencies and accidents greatly. The timings of the shopping mall should be strictly followed and the processes going along with these timings should be consistent as well. 

It is an effective method to check the parking lots by deploying an additional patrolling unit to keep an eye on. This would help reduce the crimes mostly committed in the parking lots. It would also make the shoppers feel safe while parking and driving out of the shopping centers. This would also bring in more traffic to the shopping center as the security rating of the mall would increase in the minds of the shoppers. 

Apart from these procedures, consistent communication should be kept between all the Firewatch Security Services and the shopping center security guards to make sure all the units are operating swiftly. These procedural followings would create maximum safety and streamline the operations of the shopping center. 

If done right, these five essential security tips would create safety, bring in more shoppers, and make the shopping experience amazing for the customers. United Security Services is an industry expert in providing the best shopping center security guard services. Our experts are highly trained in all the technologies and situational training sessions and will perform above par in any situation. 

To get in touch with our customer service team and get the information about our shopping center security service team, Contact Us now at 800-505-1234.

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