Roles of Security Guards for Homeowner Association

Many home buyers look for communities that have active security systems that can keep you safe. Many use different kinds of approaches either surveillance cameras, alarms, and even HOA security guards, who are used to deter crime.   It’s important to stop crimes that could potentially hurt homeowners and the associations they belong to. In such cases, the associations guarding over them will need 24hrs surveillance to make sure they are being protected by all sorts of criminal and unexpected events. This would ensure that their members would also be safe because of their homeowner association security guards.  

To know more about the type of Homeowner Association security guards needed for homeowner associations, we would need to know about their roles and responsibilities first. 

These are the roles and responsibilities that should be taken by HOA security guards: 

Enforcing Laws, Rules, and Company Policies- HOA Security guards need to let people around them know the rules of wherever they are; a parking lot, an apartment, a business, or a firm. This will make it easier for the people and the guards to follow and apply the rules. 

Responding to Emergencies- HOA security guards need to be quick on their feet and respond quickly to the situations and more importantly, help the people that are in need for a smooth-running association and a secure neighborhood. 

Controlling Access to Buildings- Controlling access is a great way to ensure safety for the people and the property. Things like ID and sensors can keep track of who is coming and who is leaving and can prevent perpetrators from entering. 

Patrolling Areas and Performing Security Checks- patrolling keeps people in check from trespassing, vandalism, and any other damages that happen to the property. All these and other unexpected events can be kept under control with the help of patrolling; either mobile or full-time. 

  • Writing Activity and Incident Reports- During hectic times, it is hard to keep track of the crimes and the activities, so reporting to police or keeping reports is important so there is enough evidence to show to the authorities when they arrive. An HOA security guard is a great witness and is beneficial to police, and they can also make the police’s job easier due to their reports of the incident or the crime.  

Monitoring Alarms and Surveillance Systems 

There many things that can happen on property like trespassing, vandalism, property damage, and rules violations. Installing security equipment can help control these crimes and keep a close eye to prevent such activities from happening at all. 

HOA security guards’ responsibility is to check on the equipment and fix it, the cameras, alarms, and lights to see if there has been any tampering done by hackers or criminals that may have tried to sneak in. Home associations in a private place need HOA security guards the most. HOA security guards need to establish clear policies by making sure the cameras are placed in places that catch all the blind spots as well. Some HOA security guards can be replaced with security equipment but for larger home associations, there needs to be a group of HOA security guards so they can monitor efficiently. HOA security guards should be prepared for risks of any kind as there can be a situation of any degree. They need to be heavily trained and updated on their skills to make sure they are effective in controlling crimes and dampening unexpected activities. 

How Should You Hire?

The security companies clear their security guards of background checks, drug testing and training, and insurance. The home associations would have to carry the checks they need to make sure they get the HOA security guards they needed for the home association. Hiring homeowner association security guards  through a security company has several benefits:

  • Insurance: Security firms usually ensure all of their security guards. The home association pays for only the fees of the security guards and some additional documental charges. 
  • Licensed professionals: Most of the home associations only hire security guards that are licensed or have a military/police background.  The security companies make sure to hire security personnel that goes through extensive background checks, training sessions, and extreme skills.
  • Training: All the security guards go through basic training by the security services company, including the armed and the unarmed modes. Most of the homeowner association security guards are highly trained with armed weapons and hand-to-hand combat. This helps them control the crime rates and control accidents.   

Armed Or Unarmed Guards?

Allowing guards to carry weapons increases the liability of the homeowners association. So, it is better to see if the armed security guards work out for the role of Homeowner association of the unarmed security guards would do just fine. The Homeowner Association security guards are well trained by the security companies. However, defining the roles of the HOA security guard first-hand would surely help the association keep better control over their crime situation. Devising curated guidelines would be essential as each homeowner association has its own roles and responsibilities. If you are not sure how to start, United Security Services is here to help. We have been providing the best HOA security guards for over 35 years. Our expert HOA security guards are trained in this area to perform above par and ensure the safety of the homeowner associations. We have been providing firms, companies and businesses highly-skilled HOA security guards with years of experience and skill to perform in any situation. To know how United Security Services can offer your home association the best security services, contact us or call us at (800-505-1234)

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