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When we talk about the hospitality industry, hotels are a very important part of it. In this, providing the best customer service to the customers is highly essential. The reputation of a hotel is very much based on two things; a welcoming guest experience and the proper security services of the hotel that are supposed to keep the customers/visitors and their belongings safe and sound inside the hotel. Not only the customers but also the owners of the hotels are kept safe from all sorts of unwanted activity by criminals that can take a toll on their lives, for example, theft, robbery, vandalism, etc.

When security services are hired for the protection of hotels, it involves the hotel building and the grounds outside too as all of the hotel premises are used by the guests, employees, visitors, and day users. You can hire our security agency here in San Bernardino that is ready to provide the best services as it is one of the best security companies in the USA.

Below mentioned are some of the major roles and responsibilities of hotel security:

Monitoring entrances and exits

Just the presence of hotel security guards can drive away crime before it even occurs. These hotel security officials are positioned at the entrances and exits of the hotels, gates, and important areas inside the hotels too at times. These security guards are meant to constantly monitor any arising suspicious activities by individuals and keep them from happening.

Furthermore, they also maintain discipline on the premises and make sure people are not breaking any hard and fast rules that may create disturbances in the area. Security guards are also meant to keep a check on safety equipment to see if it is functioning or not so that they can detect any possible suspicious behavior on camera.

Physical surveillance

Public places especially hotels should make sure they hire security officers as they ensure to patrol areas 24/7. The guards will frequently patrol the grounds of the hotel to look out for any possible threat in the surroundings. Not only that but will also subtly make rounds in the hallways, up and down staircases, lobbies, restaurants, bars, and parking lots especially at nights when a crime is more possible.

Preventing property damage

As mentioned before, security guards will also make sure no one damages the property and will prevent all sorts of vandalism. A single officer cannot carry out all jobs, therefore, all tasks are divided between them so when one officer is patrolling the parking lot, another will be making sure no one is damaging the property and causing distress.

Protecting guests and providing a sense of security

Handling and controlling unwanted guests or visitors is also one of the major jobs of the security guards at hotels. They also keep distressing situations from occurring or becoming a big deal and stop them at once when they start happening and keep them under control. Moreover, some of the security guards are also required for special protection for VIP guests or visitors as these people attract public interest and attention, hence, they require special assistance.

All in all, security guards at hotels help give peace of mind to every person on the premises of the hotel and make sure all of them are safe and secure including all of their belongings. As many of the hotels are not always in a familiar location or may even be so much within the city that may attract unwanted customers, therefore, hotel staff needs to have a sense of security and hire a professional team of security guards.

Security officers have many ways to tackle situations and be aware of them, they are very resourceful and well-equipped and carry phones, talkies, radios, and cameras along with them so they can detect and respond to crime at the earliest. They may also be equipped with weapons such as guns, tasers, batons, and various other tools that can help them stay in control whenever there is an emergency.

Responding quickly and effectively to emergencies

Security officers that are present near or in the hotels they work for are required to stay alert at all times and respond timely and quickly in case of emergencies so that they do not further spiral out.  For example, if there is a fire, they have to have the systems operated so that people can be alerted, such as fire alarms, need to have the equipment to help fight the fire, and most importantly, help people evacuate the building and make sure all fire exits are accessible.

In case of a fire, security guards stop the criminal and the crime from further causing harm and make sure all staff and visitors are not affected. In case of an emergency, the guards also know when to call law enforcement to arrive on the scene and help them take things under control. Some of these security guards are also trained sufficiently to administer first-aid and how to perform life-saving procedures such as CPR so any guests in need of medical assistance can get it.

Protection of assets

Apart from people, hotels are very much containing very valuable assets that require just as much protection. For example, expensive furniture, technological equipment, and guests’ personal belongings and their vehicles. It is the major responsibility of the hotel security staff to make sure all of these assets are kept under observation or are kept safe, potential thieves are deterred, and make sure that if any items are stolen, they investigate.

Escorting guests and staff

It is also the responsibility of some security guards to escort some guests. They could either be VIPs that need the assistance of escorts or some guests may even become unruly or intoxicated, especially in hotels that have bars. The security officers, as per the policy of the hotel, take it as a responsibility to handle these guests and make sure they are safely escorted out of the premises and make sure they have a transport that they can take back. If the situation is rather serious, they may even detain the individuals for the police as that may be the appropriate option.

Trespassers are also escorted off the hotel premises peacefully by the security guards. Moreover, if the visitors or staff of the hotel feel unsafe walking up to their vehicles, especially at night time, the security guards escort them so they feel safe.

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