Need Of Commercial Security Guards

Are you a business owner or a manager at a commercial site? Do you get a lot of visitors, guests and have employees working full-time? If you own or manage a commercial site, keeping your property and environment safe and secure should be one of your top priorities. In today’s unpredictable world where we don’t know what is going to happen in mere seconds, you have with you a responsibility that includes protecting your assets and keeping your staff, visitors and the property safe. But the question is, “how can you do that?”Hiring the best commercial security guards for your business who can guard your premises, making sure the crimes are kept to a minimum and also providing the basic customer service is the best investment you can make for your commercial sites.

Lets take an example, if your parking lot is located outside or even inside your commercial site, and there is a concern of security, not having the commercial security services will prove to be a costly mistake. These highly-trained guards are effective in making the best security measures and monitor all the activities with active reporting to their respective security company and the local authorities. This convenience makes sure criminal activities are mitigated and safety hazards are prevented. Moreover, commercial security guards not only help during the operation hours, their active surveillance systems and patrolling at the unexpected and off-business hours makes sure your businesses are safe while you are away. 

Why You Need Commercial Security Guards?

Now, before hiring commercial security guards for your area, you need to see the possible factors which would prove to you why getting commercial security guards for your business is crucial.  

Your Area’s Crime Rate is at Peak

If you think your area’s crime rate is at peak or you live in an area where there is a lot of uncertainty, then considering a commercial security guard is the best option to go for. The commercial property management should be fully aware of the crime rates in the areas they operate in. In order to know the crime rates in your area, you can get free insights and data by contacting the local police departments, looking at local websites or by also surveying your employees and the customers/visitors. Once done with all the research, it is time to get a commercial security guard. The presence of these commercial security guards can reduce the likelihood of crime or unexpected incidents, and make sure that the visitors, guests, employees are safe from all dangers and the entire property is secure.

Thefts / Robberies in the Parking Lot

It is said that parking lots are the third most common place where crimes occur and they become even more dangerous for visitors/employees in the late hours. The most common crime in a parking lot is theft or vandalism, but people also become vulnerable to other crimes such as robbery and all types of assault. According to the US Department of Justice, around 1,400 violent crimes are committed each day only in the parking lots.So, if your commercial site’s parking lot is getting a lot of thefts or a set of despised events, due to which your employees, visitors and guests are affected, then you should consider looking for commercial security services. They will keep your parking lot and the people who are parking in there feel safe and guarded from all sorts of crimes. 

Damaging and Stealing Items Inside the Property

If you see any damages or stealing of items inside your property, then considering commercial security guards can make that risk negligible. Where is such an event or incidents like these common? This normally happens in hotel rooms, and when your team enters a room to clean it for the next guest, they usually see some inventory missing or damaged – getting it repaired would be too expensive and claiming insurance on each one of them would be a tiring process. The presence of highly-trained guards in the lobby, and other parts of the commercial sites would prevent people from stealing or attempting anything out of bounds. These commercial security guards are always available in their control room, and are monitoring the security cameras and taking the required action when needed. So, having an armed or unarmed team of commercial security guards for patrolling and protection of your commercial sites can make all the difference in the world and save you big time on your expenses.

There is a Rise in Safety Incidents

In today’s world, safety incidents and accidents are quite common. If you think that there is an increase of people getting involved in accidents or unexpected events in the neighborhood, either by cars or any other crimes, then it is the right time to consider hiring a team of commercial security guards. They will not only help you in reducing the number of incidents, accidents or crimes but will also keep the environment and the neighborhood safe by their supervision. .

The Building Seems Insecure

You have protected your parking lot by adding fences but what about the building itself? If the visitors, guests and employees feel unsafe while staying or working in your commercial site, then your building might be insecure to them. There can be multiple reasons behind this. Maybe it is because your premises do not have borders, effective surveillance systems or there’s zero to no security anywhere around the neighborhood. In this case, hiring a team of both armed and unarmed commercial security guards will help your commercial property stay secure, with meagre threats to the overall commercial site.  

Since 1999, United Security Services has provided state-of-the-art security services by providing all the security solutions for commercial and residential purposes. If your property needs commercial security, we can help you stay safe and secure by providing the most experienced and highly-skilled commercial security services with years of experience in service and training. Serving nine locations, we are ready to serve your business as well and protect your commercial sites.

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