Is being a Security Guard Easy?

You are wondering if being in security services is easy? Do you have what it takes to survive in this industry? Great! You have come to the right place. We will take you through some of the advantages and disadvantages to decide whether it is easy to be a security guard and if you are the right person for this job.

The Pros of Being a Security Guard

Security Guards May Work Independently

Residential security guards have the advantage of being independent. While many people feel that their boss is a constant watchdog, you can do your job as you please, and as long you do good work, you’ll be able to enjoy high levels of freedom at work.

You will still need to adhere to the values and rules of the company where you work.

It Is Not as Stressful as You Might Think

One of the benefits of being a security guard is not having to deal with stress. However, there will be times when it is challenging to keep your clients safe.

However, your workday will be relaxed most of the time, and you’ll have to wait until something important happens. Commercial security guards, however, need to give much more time to their job.

No Extra Hours for Residential Security Guards

Although you might have to work late at night, Security inspectors don’t usually have to work more than 40 hours per week. Most work much less than that, which means you’ll have lots of time to spend with family members or with your favorite people.

It is a good job and will allow you to balance your work-life.

A College Degree Is Not Required 

A high school diploma is enough to become a residential security guard in most parts of the world. Some companies may require additional certifications. You don’t need any advanced education.

This means you can work as a security officer at an early age when most of your friends won’t make any money.

Lot of Women Around You

Many women enjoy being around security guards because they feel secure. If you work in the security services industry, you have almost unlimited options for who you choose to date.

The Downsides of Being Commercial Security Guards

The Cons of Being a Security Guard

It Is Unlikely That You Will Make as Much Money

Commercial and residential security guards should not expect to make a lot of money. Most security guards make very little and can barely pay their bills.

They will not be able to afford the luxury, and if money is important to you, you should not become a security guard but instead pursue a financial or medical career.

Old-Age Poverty

Your low salary may make it difficult for you to save enough and invest enough to retire. As a result, you might not be able to pay rent or other essential expenses when you are older and no longer able to work. This is not an ideal situation, and you should choose a job that allows you to make more money than a security guard.

A Second Job Is Often Needed 

A second job may be necessary, especially if your area has high living costs. Rent costs more than one thousand dollars per month, so your income from your security job won’t be sufficient to cover your basic expenses.

This can make it very frustrating as you won’t have much time to relax and work all day to save money.

Night Work Is a Common Requirement

Some people enjoy working long hours. Others don’t. If you are not one of these people, you might be happier looking for other job opportunities.

Commercial security guards often have to work late at night. Therefore, you must be awake at night to ensure proper security services.

Low Social Standing

Before you consider a career as a security guard, ensure that you are emotionally stable enough to handle snarky comments.

A disadvantage to becoming a security guard is your low social standing. Although your clients will be grateful for your efforts, many others will not appreciate what you do for a living.

Security Guard Suffers Sleep Problems

Many security officers work night shifts so that they may suffer from sleep problems. As a result, you will feel tired and more susceptible to health issues.

You may find that working at unfavorable hours can disrupt your natural sleep rhythm. This means that you won’t get as much good sleep as someone who sleeps at night and works during the day.

Being Security Guard Can Be Dangerous

The security services industry is not without risk. You will likely be the first target of intruders and will face a greater risk than the average person at work.

There is some risk in your job, and you need to be willing to accept this risk before becoming a security officer.

You Must Be Fit at All Times

Your client’s safety is also dependent on your fitness. Therefore, you will need to go to the gym and exercise regularly.

This means that you’ll have to do more work than you did. While many people enjoy a drink after work, it will not help you stay in shape.

Promotion Options Are Very Limited

There are not many promotions for residential security guards. Unfortunately, this means you’ll be doing the same thing for years, or even decades, without any chance of moving up. This can be very frustrating for those who work in this industry.

Final Words

Before you decide to pursue such a career, be very clear about what you can and can’t handle. We hope we have given a deep insight into this career, and now you can choose if you want to go for servicing the public. Of course, it may require patience and sacrifice. But you know what they say – true happiness doesn’t come from what you have, but from what you give.

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