How to know if your Apartment Needs Apartment Security Guard?

Every apartment building wants to be safe. But one of the biggest factors in safety is the “security” of the apartment building. At United Security Services, we make sure apartments are safe from all kinds of threats or crimes in their area. One of the best ways to make sure your apartment is safe and sound is by hiring security guards for apartments.  

Why? To protect the occupants, visitors, and even the small businesses within the apartments. How can you do that? By getting apartment security guards for your building. These well-trained apartment security guards can guard your premises and make sure crimes are kept to a minimum. 

But how to really find out the signs telling you that your building needs a security officer? Here are some factors to consider to find out if your building needs apartment security guards.    


You should be fully aware of crime rates in your neighborhood or the area your building is located in. You can do this by getting free insights and data from your local police departments, websites, and by interviewing the neighborhood locals to see if the crimes are on the low or rise.

All these statistics would help you decide if your building needs apartment security guards. In some cases, there are robberies within the apartments or burglaries which make the safety standards at risk for the other occupants as well. Considering all these events and the number of unexpected events being carried out in the area, it will provide you enough data to opt for hiring security guards for your apartment building. 

Parking Lot:

If your parking lot is getting a lot of thefts, whether it’s the pedestrians or the occupants getting affected by it, it is time to get apartment security guards. Sometimes, parking lots are not within the premises and this makes it risky for the occupants and the general public as parking lots are high-risk places of criminal activity if security services are not available for patrolling and monitoring.

Hence, if your business has a parking lot out of its building or even inside it, in both cases, getting apartment security guards would be the safest option to consider. Doing this would keep car thefts, mugging, violence, and other crimes away.  

Insecure Building:

You have taken care of the parking lot but what about your building? That’s right! Buildings are just as important and they need to be guarded as well. The apartment security guards would minimize this threat of uncertainty by patrolling, monitoring through the surveillance systems to keep their meticulous eye on crimes and any unexpected activities.

Some premises do not have borders, and some do not have effective surveillance systems. All these loopholes can be minimized by making sure there are armed apartment security guards serving the building and keeping the occupants and the visitors safe and secure. 

Rising Incidents:

If you are seeing an increase in people getting involved in accidents and incidents, either by cars or by the increasing crime rates like mentioned before, then you should consider hiring armed apartment security guards to help reduce the number of incidents, accidents, and any criminal activities which may create hazardous situations for the public and the occupants. These incidents can be dampened by the security guard’s years of training and experience in dealing with sudden situations in the best possible manners.    

In such rising incidents, there are times when situations go out of control. It can be due to a criminal activity that is not only a threat but could lead to colossal losses. In such situations, having the best apartment security guards for your building will make sure your security is their top priority. They will have all the communication with the local authorities as well as their own monitoring reports and immediate actions to counter issues before they can lead to bigger problems. 


You enter your apartment after a long vacation or maybe from a deep sleep, and see your valuables missing or damages that would be too expensive to repair. This is exactly why burglaries are not only scary but financially unbearable for any occupant. Having an armed security guard for patrolling and protection of your apartment building can make all the difference in the world and save you big time on your expenses, and maintain personal safety and convenience while you are away or in sleep. 

Since 1999, United Security Services has provided quality apartment building security services. If your business needs an armed apartment guard(s), we can help your business stay safe by our professional security guards for apartments who have years of experience and are highly-skilled due to their regular advanced training sessions in dealing with all kinds of emergencies. Serving nine locations, we are ready to serve your apartment building as well. So, if your business has any of these factors in sync, it is time to call United Security Services. Call us now at 800-505-1234.

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