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How to Improve Shopping Mall Security

Controlling the significant increase in in-store traffic can be difficult for many administrative teams at shopping malls. A shopping mall management’s top goals include improving the shopping experience, maintaining crowd management, spotting suspicious conduct, and swiftly putting a stop to potential events. Statics has highlighted that shopping mall is the eye center place for criminals and even natural hazards take place easily due to the large crowd at the shopping malls. In order, to improve mall security management can take several initiatives and make shopping malls a secure place for every individual.

Strategic Planning

The shopping mall’s opening plus closing hours must be strategically planned. For example, during the sales season when a mall opens, there can be a line of customers waiting to get in, and when it closes, it might be challenging to get them out because the crowd is very large. For this reason, maintaining the hours is essential. In addition, some shopping malls have fixed closing or opening timing but this could lead to a serious threat because this way anyone with evil intentions to access the mall and monitor its activities, such as the timing of employees and security personnel’s arrival times.

Fire System

You might have witnessed food courts at the shopping mall and might have also noticed large generators for electricity. These areas at the shopping mall have a serious threat of catching the fire for this reason malls managements are usually advised to have a fire watch security. Additionally, the customers who are present at the mall will be protected from fire emergencies thanks to fire watch services. If a fire incident occurs, they will act quickly and employ the anti-fire equipment given by a trusted fire watch security company.

Assign Additional Guards

Security Personals are malls’ primary defense. Extra security guards can be appointed to guard the mall property inside out, especially during the busiest sessions. These security officials can be given the duty on every floor of the shopping mall. In addition, as they are highly trained and have good skills they can handle any security threat and are better equipped to spot any unusual behavior.

From the above information, you can use these tips to improve the security of a shopping mall. Lastly, some shopping mall management also installs security systems, for example, video surveillance cameras and at some malls, the staff is also trained via regular drills.

Why My Guard Service is the Most Efficient Security Service?

My guard services are one of the best security guard services in the entire nation. This is because they tend to serve the best to their clients anywhere in the world. There are several reasons that my guard services take pride in, such as they are quite high in armed security guards, unarmed security guards, mobile patrol services, and much more.

Not only having security guards is a great thing, but having the right knowledge about different things and how to deal with various situations is also crucial. My guard services have highly trained and skilled security guards with the right knowledge of security tools as well.

However, there are many risks of different criminal activities taking place inside malls. Some of these are briefly highlighted below.

1.      Theft

This is one of the common issues in most malls where the security level is not very upgraded. Every mall despite having a good security surveillance is volatile and is at risk of any unfortunate event. This is the reason that it is important that the security of the shopping mall is made with proper attention. Due to these governing factors, shopping malls face several security issues that make them highly at risk of attacks. Criminals can easily detect minor weaknesses of the mall’s management and security, and then they build up their plan accordingly.

2.      No Checking on Entrances and Exit Doors

This is also a major issue with small shopping malls. There is no proper check and balance at the entrance and exit gates of a mall, and randomly people are entering the malls. This can be very risky for the safety of a mall. Robbers and criminals can easily enter the mall without any fear of getting noticed or caught. So it is very important to have proper check systems at both entrances and exits of any mall.

My guard security services are highly providing its services to San Francisco security guard companies and also as armed guard services in Orange County malls and shopping centers. These are highly crowded and overpopulated places in California, therefore my guard services are succeeding providing their services to their clients here.

3.      Camera Monitoring is not up to the mark

With all this, it is important to have a security room that is always looking forward to every activity that is being done in the mall. Thus, it is important that all the cameras are working properly and are monitored by professionals that can keep a keen eye on every major activity that takes place.

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