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When you think of what you need security from the first thing that comes to mind is protection from crimes and offenses. But that is only the most obvious and there a lot of other aspects threatening the well-being of a human being. A human being is not only affected by the crimes committed directly against him but can also be hugely affected by naturally occurring and man-made disasters. One of the most harmful of such are fires. Fires can occur at a moment’s notice and can get out of hand rather quickly. They also have the ability to cause massive damages to property and human life. Especially for businesses as they depend heavily upon their assets and property to ensure survival and smooth working of their businesses, fires can prove to be a much bigger problem for businesses than human crimes.

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At united security services, we understand the gravity of the situation and have been providing the best Fire Watch security guards in the country to all our clients to make sure that no business ever gets threatened by the likes of fire. We have incorporated special training regimes in our training courses for the firewatch guards to make them the most effective when it comes to handling fires and to get rid of fire hazards. Fire watch guards at USS have helped countless businesses in ensuring the security and protection of their businesses and to set up proper countermeasures in case such an event does occur.

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Are you looking to hire Firewatch security guards for your business? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. United Security Services has been one of the frontrunners in the business and has always dedicated itself to providing the highest-rated security services to their clients. Working for countless years to provide top quality yet affordable security services to our clients, we have learned how to provide the most efficiency for your investments and are sure that we will be able to provide you with services far beyond your expectations. If you want to work with some of the most professional and highly trained Firewatch security guards in the business, then contact us today and get your free quote. We strive to work together with our clients to build a professional relationship based on trust, integrity, and respect.

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Firewatch Security Guards

When it comes to hiring security services businesses are faced with two different options. One of them is to hire and train their own personal security guards. This does provide them with semi-permanent security guard services and requires a one-time investment but is very inflexible in situations where you would need to increase the number of security guards due to some Firewatchs or unforeseen circumstances and requires a large number of investments in both finances and time as you would need to provide training facilities and assets to your security guards as well as invest the time for them to be trained adequately. The other option, which a lot of businesses opt to take is to hire private security guard companies that provide them with security services according to their needs and requirements. This process is a lot cheaper and quick as compared to the first option and provides a higher quality of security services.

One of the services that United Security Services provides to its clients is firewatch guards. Firewatch has been an important part of a business’s security details for as long as there have been businesses, this is due to the fact that fires have been one of the biggest problems faced by a business, especially someone who works in retail or any business that requires warehousing. Due to this reason, you are required by NFPA, and local ordinance, to hire a firewatch guard if you’re a property owner, and your building’s fire alarm system and/or a water-based fire protection system is not operating. Fires can cause massive damages to assets and may even leave up to mortal losses if left unchecked for. This is why we advise every business owner to hire firewatch guards for their businesses.

Here are some of the situations in which you should consider hiring Firewatch guards.

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When to hire firewatch guards?

There can be a lot of situations where you would need to hire a firewatch but these following are some of the most commonly occurring ones.

  • No alarms are installed at the business and the business requires a unit of guards to keep such situations from occurring. In such a situation, it is vital that you invest in some firewatch guards because spending a small portion of your budget to work on fire hazards and to ensure that no harm is caused due to the sudden occurrence of a fire is way more worth it than risking the chance of incurring losses due to a fire disaster.
  • If you’re a property owner, and your building’s fire alarm system and/or a water-based fire protection system is not operating, you are required by NFPA, and local ordinance, to hire a fire watch guard.
  • Faulty equipment can also prove to be a major reason for fires to ignite so if you work with pieces of equipment capable of causes such a hazard you would need a fire watch. So if you are running a business that has been working with the same equipment over a long duration of time you need to hire firewatch guards to place in countermeasures in case such an event transpires.
  • If you work with chemicals or other flammable substances that it is almost necessary for you to have a fire watch handy. This is one of the most important ones. Everyone is aware of the fact that many chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of even the most trivial of everyday products. Hence, if you are working with such chemicals you should always keep Firewatch guards around the business.
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I have been looking for a good security guard service for my business for the longest time. After working together I can safely say that I have totally gotten my money’s worth and even more.

Frederick Quijano​

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I have once employed the services of mobile guards and fire watch officers for my business due to equipment failure and was pleasantly surprised by their reaction times and the abilities to understand an emergency situation and providing me with a unit of mobile guards very quickly. Would love to receive their help again.

Stephanie Erler

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Working in the retail business, vandalism and street crimes have been a huge problem for me. But after signing up for a unit of unarmed guards to be provided with the help of United Security Service I can go about my business with peace of mind.

Rebecca Gillespie