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Choosing the Right Security Company for Assisted Living Homes- The Basic Criteria

Like the other public points like banks, hospitals, and schools, assisted living homes also necessitate security services. Security is a crucial part of living & everyone deserves it.

When talking about security, the discussion of the security company is a must thing. If you have ever visited the marketplace, you must be aware of the high competition present there. Be it a beginner or a top-rated company: All try their best to grab as many customers as they can.

In this high competition, how will you find the best security company for assisted living homes? Relax, we got your back. Before reading the criterion of finding the best security guard company, read out what assisted living home is.

What is an Assisted Living Home?

Assisted living is a simple organization that provides living and medical facilities to adult, ill, and disabled persons. The goal of this organization is to make sure that the residents feel they are at home.

The assisted services offered to the residents include;

  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Safety surety
  • Medical services
  • Personal care including, bathing, dressing, and maintenance
  • Proper diet plan
  • Social activities
  • Laundry and housekeeping facilities

The ones who are recommended to use the assisted living facilities are those who require 24/7 attention, daycare services, and other living facilities.

The insured assisted living homes always hire security services for their residents. Little did they know, there is a criterion to select the available option.

Things to Consider While Selecting Security Company For Assisted Living Homes

Below mentioned is the criterion followed to hire the best security company. This criterion is slightly different from the basic one as the requirement of security is different.

What is Their Reputation in the Marketplace?

Selecting a security company for assisted living homes is way different than picking for personal use. Before checking the pricing plan, staff, or even the security techniques, check its reputation.

Be 100% sure that you are giving the assisted living homes in safe hands. The security guard company should be well-trusted according to the marketplace. The percentage of satisfied clients should be more than 70%.

How Well-Trained Are They?

Training is not all about carrying guns, controlling emergencies, and being active all day. Here training is about whether they know how to handle the disabled or not. The security services include handling disabled, weak adults, and others.

The security guards should be trained in nursing. They should be experts in dealing with health emergencies, how simple techniques can stabilize the health, and treat patients mentally.

License & Insurance?

Checking the license and insurance of the security company while selecting them is a must thing to do. The license is the guarantee by the state that this organization is approved & is according to state law.

Besides, by insurance, you make sure that if any unfortunate thing happens, you can claim it. Due to the inactiveness and unavailability, some misfortunes happen. In this scenario, contact the security company and inform them about the incidents. As you are insured by the company, the staff will contact you ASAP & will pay you for your loss.


The assisted living residents may need security services at 2 pm or 2 am; you never know. For them, the staff should be available 24/7. The 24/7 availability of the guards will make the resident sure that they are in safe hands.

Other than the 24/7 available staff, the customer chat should also be available. If anyhow you need an expert consultancy, the chat agents should be there for you.

Their Behavior with the Disabled/ Adult

Adults and the disabled are super sensitive and touchy. Your single ignorance can hurt them badly. The security services you are hiring for the assisted living homes should be friendly and cooperative.

They should know how to end adults’ boredom, bring happiness in their lives with their presence, and give them quality time. All these things are necessary to check while selecting the security company.

Hiring the security company for the assisted living homes is not a time-consuming & hectic task. Follow the factors mentioned above and enjoy a safe and healthy living lifestyle. If you are admitting your parents to the assisted living home, make sure that it has 24/7 available safety surety.

All the points mentioned above are a must to follow. You have to check the license of the company yourself for self-satisfaction. If the company has a license but lacks insurance, evade hiring. Because in the future, you will have 0% chances of claiming.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the services, or want to share your feedback, hit the comment section.

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