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San Bernardino is a city situated in the Inland Empire district of Southern California. The city fills in as the district seat of San Bernardino County, California. As one of the Inland Empire’s most important urban areas, San Bernardino ranges 81 square miles on the floor of the San Bernardino Valley toward the south of the San Bernardino Mountains.

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United security services have been one of the highest-rated security services in the country for almost a decade now and we take pride in our capabilities to provide our clients with the best services money can buy. Working with some of the biggest names in the business industry for almost a decade now has given us a lot of valuable insight that has made us able to take care of our client’s needs and requirements to the most trivial degree. Allowing them to enjoy a safe and secure working environment. If you have been looking to work with one of the best security services in the country, then United Security Services is the one for you.


Old Egyptian artifacts are in plain view at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, at California State University, San Bernardino. In the downtown area, Seccombe Lake Park offers to play areas and fishing. Silverwood Lake, supported by mountains, is toward the north. The hotel town of Big Bear Lake, in San Bernardino National Forest, is the upper east of the city. San Bernardino is also famous for being located along the most famous highway in the world, route 66, for which there is an annual festival held in San Bernardino to commemorate the highway. Though unfortunately, the city has suffered greatly from crimes and has one of the highest crime rates in the country with a crime rate of 59 per one thousand residents. If you are a resident of San Bernardino the chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 17. In comparison to the national average, the overall crime rate of San Bernardino is 112% above average, which is bad but not nearly as alarming as the violent crime rate that is almost 250% above the national average. Hence, it is obvious why people and businesses alike have been keen on hiring private security guard services to ensure the safety of their properties and businesses.

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Services we offer in San Bernardino

The following are some of the services we offer in San Bernardino California.

Uniformed officers armed with the latest and most advanced weapons and firearms provide an absolute sense of security.

Unarmed security guards that specialize in providing a sense of comfort and professional customer services so that your clients are able to enjoy the best service possible.

Mobile security to provide you with safety during your travels and to help you look after multiple businesses with the same unit of officers.

Fire watch guards to let you protect yourselves from any kind of fire hazard and to set up precautionary measures if such an event does take place.

Event security guards to ensure that the atmosphere of your business events is not affected by any unwanted attention from attendees you did not invite.

Why would you hire Security Guard Services In San Bernardino?

There are a large number of reasons why you should consider hiring security guards services in San Bernardino, main due to the high crime rates but that’s not all. Let us delve into it and look at some of the reasons which may cause you to hire security guards.


Crisis Management

Crimes may be one of the most harmful activities towards your businesses and may require you to hire security guards, but they are not the only ones. One of the most destructive forces a business may have to face would be panic and hysteria. In a time of crisis, a business needs security guards to keep a hold on people if a crisis arises and stop them from panicking.

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Crime Deterrent

One of the most obvious duties of a security guard is to protect their businesses from potential threats. Acting as a crime deterrent is the natural duty of a security guard and is only of the reasons why uniformed security is sought out by businesses.


Peace of Mind

Security guards not only provide you with a sense of security but also have a certain psychological effect on the mental state of your employees and clients. Being able to see live officers stationed at the property of your business allows them to enjoy peace of mind that can help them perform better.

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When it comes to hiring San Bernardino Security Company, businesses are faced with two different options. One of them is to hire and train their own personal security guards. This does provide them with semi-permanent security guard services and requires a one-time investment but is very inflexible in situations where you would need to increase the number of security guards due to some events or unforeseen circumstances and requires a large number of investments in both finances and time as you would need to provide training facilities and assets to your security guards as well as invest the time for them to be trained adequately. The other option, which a lot of businesses opt to take is to hire private security guard companies that provide them with security services according to their needs and requirements. This process is a lot cheaper and quick as compared to the first option and provides a higher quality of security services san diego. Call us now and get services.