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About United Security Services

United Security Services has been one of the frontrunners in the security industry for almost
a decade now. With our focus on providing the highest quality services to our clients, we have spent a large number of resources on our research and development to make sure that our clients are able to enjoy services much higher than their expectations. Our values and morality urge us to work towards building a relationship with our clients that holds a deeper meaning than just being in a buyer-seller relationship.

Established in 1999, we have worked hard to get to the place we are at right now and it has only been made possible due to our clients who trusted us with their business it is our responsibility to honor that trust and do our utmost to provide the best services they could find. So we take it upon ourselves to provide the most premium services to our clients and to cater to every need that our clients may have.

We understand that security is a very basic human necessity and everyone deserves a safe working space. We have made it our number one priority to make sure that your human assets and yourselves are able to exhibit a peace of mind and go about your business as long as we are there. This is the secret behind our rapid growth and what allowed us to expand over such a wide area. By treating our clients as the highest authority and treating every single client with the same regards and respect, and taking care of their every single security need, we have made a place for ourselves in the business.

We Are Providing Cost Effective Security Solutions

Why should you choose Us?

Being one of the frontrunners in the business, we would like to keep our position, hence, we promise to provide you
with a magnitude of benefits that enables us to provide services better than your expectations.



  • The most affordable rates in the business to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the highest quality of services.
  • Highly trained individuals that are able to perform all the promised duties.
  • Officers trained in customer services so they can prove to be an asset to your company.
  • No long term contract required.
  • All of our officers are licensed and certified by the respected authority.
  • Real-time reporting to the clients.
  • Field supervision to ensure the highest quality of services.
  • 24-hour services.
  • Advanced and innovative technology and customer support services.
  • Highly competitive equipment for our officers.

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Our Vision

Safeguarding businesses, individuals, and cities, we aim to identify and eliminate all existing and potential threats to your security with a well-structured system and a coordinated workforce.

Our Mission

To provide premium quality security services with a well-managed and cutting-edge system and to cater to the personalized needs of clients as per the domain.

If you believe that your current security details are lacking and could use an overhaul, contact us now for a free assessment of your business and a proposed solution. Our team of expert analysts will take it upon themselves to make sure that not a single vulnerability is found in the security of your business. We can also help you design a completely new program if you think the abolishment of the current regime would be a better fit or if you are a new business.