Need to Hire Private Hotel Security Guards

Are you a business operating in the hotel industry? If yes, would you agree that managing hotel security is a menace? There are just too many problems to deal with, right? Hotel security is the toughest administration problem and the only way to solve it is by hiring private security guards for your hotel. With our top-notch security services at the United Security Service,  we make sure our hotel security guards keep your business, clients, and employees secure. 

The risk of not having security guards can make your employees, customers, visitors, and any other person(s) at your premises feel unsafe. But this is not just the sole reason for hiring a hotel security service for your business. Here are the top 9 reasons to hire hotel security guards. 

  1. Monitoring entrances

Hotels are mainly crowded with unidentified visitors. This can not only prove to be a security concern but also overcrowd the premises. To prevent this, hotel security guards can monitor entrances and use the required procedures to make sure the entrants are identified. 

Doing this will also minimize any suspicious person(s) from creating inconvenient situations or carrying out crimes. By hiring the hotel security guard services, your premises would be safe from crimes. Our highly-trained security guards for hotels can filter out the potential threats and keep your hotel safe and secure.  

  1. Protecting Guests, Visitors, and Employees

Hotel security guards are highly-trained in handling all types of security breaches. Whether there is someone who is damaging your property, stealing, threatening your guests or employees, or even committing a crime, hotel security guards can handle problems like these, keeping your guests and employees safe from all sorts of danger.  Not only that, your guests and the employees would feel much safer when there is a security service guarding the hotel. 

  1.  Additional Customer Service

How can security guards for hotels increase customer service? The security guards are the first people visitors and guests interact with before entering the hotel. At United Security Services, we train our security teams to have exemplary customer service skills. From greeting guests and visitors, opening doors, navigating their parking routes, or even helping them with a concern they might have, hotel security guards can create that welcoming first impression for your hotel. 

Besides the hospitality, uniformed hotel security guards are authoritative symbols of protection and help to visitors and guests. Having them at your hotel will provide the guests and the visitors an enjoyable experience and a safe stay.

  1.   Providing Sense of Security 

We talked about the safe feeling and hotel security services make sure their guests and visitors are not feeling any discomfort while they are staying or being serviced at the hotel. Even if there is an issue, the guests and the visitors would not be stressed out because the hotel security guards would take the appropriate action to resolve that problem. 

At National Security Services, we train our security guards to provide drills to the employees at the hotel. These drills train the employees to act promptly when emergency issues arise. This helps create a safer environment for the guests and the visitors attending and make the customer service exemplary.   

  1. Preventing Property Damage 

Hotel security guards ensure all the locations are being supervised in detail. Doing this helps reduce any damage from people due to the fear of getting caught. The effective patrolling done by the security guards make the business safe from all sorts of crimes and potential damages on the property. 

  1. Emergency Response 

At United Security Services, our security guards for hotels are specially trained to respond proactively to unexpected or emergency situations. Their quick action plan minimizes the problems from escalating into emergencies. In case of any fire, our security guards are also trained in the fire watch programs, and they help the guests and the employees in evacuating the premises through safe routes while calling in the emergency response teams.  

  1. Preventing crime 

Having hotel security guards would keep the criminals away. Their presence would make sure that all the security protocols are followed and there are no disruptions whatsoever. This would keep the overall atmosphere of the hotel welcoming and organized for the guests and the visitors. 

  1. Monitor Surveillance Equipment:

At United Security Services, we train our security guards with various technologies to make sure they can adapt to any setting possible. CCTV camera systems, Mobile Visitor Management System (MVMS), Access Control Systems (ACS)CCTV, Real-Time Incident Reporting, NFC Tags and QR Codes are some of the systems that our guards are trained in.

Besides this, radio and walkie-talkies are also provided to all the security guards as the traditional methods to operate from while on the walk. All these systems are kept with records to aid in any investigation if authorities are involved in some instances. 

  1. Reducing Disorderly Conduct 

This is common in all business settings. It can be a drunk guest or a rude visitor, or maybe some criminal. At times like these, it is really hard to control the situation. But having security guards around surely reduces such events from occurring in the first place. Their presence makes most people wary of not creating uncomfortable situations. And even if there is a situation, our security guards are trained in conflict-resolution and if not successful, they can handle the situation by force if needed. 

So, these are the nine reasons why your hotel needs security services. At United Security Guards, we provide a customized portfolio from our range of diverse professionals with years of experience in security services for hotels. Not only will these professionals increase the safety standards at your hotel, but they will also make sure your customers are given the first-class treatment they deserve. 

Keep your hotel safe and secure by United Security Services. To find out more about the range of hotel security guard services we provide, contact us or call us now at 800-505-1234. 

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