6 Useful Construction Site Security Tips

Is your construction site secure? Besides being secure in terms of the work being done, construction site security is also critical to saving you money and time in the long run. As heavy investments are made into such projects, having security for your site(s) can help provide safety and prevent asset theft or damage. After all, the time and money to repair such losses is a crucial factor in these projects. 

The risks are just too many, from natural disasters to criminal activities, construction site security should be taken seriously. To minimize all these risks, getting construction site security guards is a safe investment for your construction project(s). At United Security Services, we offer well-trained professionals with years of experience in security services

What value additions are made to your construction site with the addition of a security guard? Let’s discuss the 6 useful security tips. 

  1. Property and Materials Protection:

Are you working at a giant corporate headquarter, a single small building, a residential home, or any of the other possible properties? Whatever the location may be, United Security Services can provide top security guards for your property and materials safekeeping by preventing damage and theft at your construction site.  

  1. Tools and Equipment Protection:

Although most of the tools can be locked in, there are some tools and equipment which cannot. To prevent any damage and theft to these unlocked tools and equipment, hiring United Security Services is the only solution. With a security guard around the premises, your tools and equipment can be unlocked and yet still be safe. 

  1. Emergency Response:

Emergencies can occur in construction sites anytime. At United Security Services, we offer 24/7 security services to monitor your construction site and ensure issues are dealt with before they can become emergencies. Instead of waiting for the problem to happen and then take action, our reliable security guards take the required actions when needed and respond to situations accordingly. 

  1. Limit or Prevent Damage from Accidents: 

Accidents are common at construction sites. With security services around, our team experts will make sure there are fewer accidents and minimal damage done from them. This will not only save costs at your site but also reduce the chances of your employees getting hurt and getting hospitalized. 

  1. Limit Weather Damage: 

Although there is no way to control the weather, our security guards can help you protect your equipment, tools, and any other asset that may be affected by a bad weather condition. Our experienced team will make sure your valuable assets are safe from any extreme weather conditions by taking all the necessary precautions and following the required protocols.   

  1. Trespass Prevention: 

This issue is the biggest problem for any construction site. From unmannered people to thieves and sometimes even spectators, there can be a risk of trespassing construction sites. To prevent this, hiring our security guards would help you keep these unknown visitors out of your premises. Not only will this lead to swift operations, it would also save the trespassers from any potential dangers at a construction site. 

These are the six issues United Security Services can help with by providing its industry experts to safeguard your construction site. Besides our security guard services, these guards are also equipped with the latest technology to assist any emergency situation and keep the local authorities in contact at all times if the need arises. 

Besides that, United Security Services provides its security guards with the surveillance tools which relay the daily activities to you whether you are on-site or away. With the latest surveillance systems installed, your construction site would be monitored from all borders, both by the eyes of the camera and the patrolling of the security guards. 

Our security service combines the technological aspect of monitoring with the manual security guard addition, which not only helps in identifying an issue but also aids in the problem solution. The reasons to have this dual combo is essential as most of the time, the construction site workers and the owners are not living in the vicinity. Even though you may have the cameras showing you the problem, solving it would not be something available as an option to you. 

But it is not just the traditional CCTV cameras anymore. United Security Services uses a variety of approaches to keep its clients’ properties and businesses safe from any type of danger. Besides the CCTV, we use Access Control System (ACS), Mobile Visitor Management System (MVMS), Real-Time Incident Reporting, NFC Tags, and also QR Codes. Radio and walkie-talkies are also provided to all the security guards as the traditional methods. 

United Security Services security guards are trained to operate all these technologies at full proficiency. Their expertise in tech-related monitoring combined with their heavy-guard-trainings makes them highly capable of securing any property, equipment, and asset at a construction site. If you would like to consult with our diligent team and know more about the ways to keep your construction site safe, contact us by calling our helpline: 800-505-1234. 

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